1983 Originated from workshop production, mainly producing TV power switches.
1988 Established Yueqing County Hongbo Factory, the nature of the enterprise is collective. Number of the government document: Le industry and commerce enterprise word (88) No. 323
1992 Commissioned by Xi'an Machine Tool Factory to develop the push-button switch series, we began producing push-button switches
1993 Yueqing County was abolished and established as a city, renamed Yueqing Hongbo Radio Factory
1995 Successfully registered LY(pattern) trademark and started to promote this brand as the main external logo
2001 The economic nature of collective enterprise was changed to a joint stock cooperative system
Yueqing Hongbo Button Manufacturing Co. was renamed
2002 Changed the name to Zhejiang Hongbo Button Manufacture Co.
Obtained the authorization to export to other nations, established the International Trade Department, and began doing business directly with overseas clients
2004 The first time to obtain German VDE certification
2005 Successfully registered the ONPOW trademark and started to promote the brand as the main external logo
The first time to obtain the U.S. UL Canada CUL certification
Established a branch company, Yueqing Lanbo Electronics Co.
The first time obtaining PSE certification in Japan
2006 Set up office in Seoul, Korea
2007 Set up office in Los Angeles, USA
2008 Set up office in Istanbul, Turkey
Set up office in Milan, Italy
2009 Set up office in Mumbai, India
2010 Set up office in Johannesburg, South Africa
Set up office in Singapore
2011 Set up office in São Paulo, Brazil
2012 Selected as one of the "Top 100 Enterprises in Liushi City", becoming one of the top 100 enterprises specializing in the production of push button switches
Ltd. with a registered capital of 5,080,000 RMB, becoming a professional manufacturer of pushbutton switches in China without any region
2013 Successfully registered the trademark of Oubaolong and started to use the trademark of "ONPOW" and "欧宝龙" at the same time
2014 Awarded the title of "Zhejiang Famous Trade Name"
Ltd. was established, specializing in the production of terminal blocks and other connection equipment
2015 Awarded the title of "Wenzhou Famous Trademark"
2019 Awarded the title of "High-tech Enterprise"
2020 Awarded the title of "Reliable Factory"
2022 Selected as "Liushi Key Enterprise" in 2021