ONPOW91 series

ONPOW91 series

The sensor switch is a position switch that can be operated without direct mechanical contact with the moving parts. When an object approaches the sensing surface of the switch to the operating distance, the switch can be activated without mechanical cont

Important parameter:

1.Switch rating: DC6~24V/300mA
2.Electrical life: ≥1,000,000 cycles
3.Sensing distance: 20~150mm
4.Switch function: 1NO
5.Insulation resistance: ≥1000MΩ(500VDC)
6.Dielectric strength:1,500V,RMS 50Hz,1min
7.Operation temperature: - 25 ℃~55℃ (+no freezing)
8.Torque:about 0.8Nm Max.applied to nut
11.Front panel protection degree:IP65
12.Terminal type: Three-core sheathed wire, length=1200mm


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