Piezoelectric switch will be the choice of more equipments in the future

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Today, let us introduce our piezo switch series.
Piezo switches, will be a very popular switch in some industries now and in the future. They have some advantages that push button switches cannot take place:
1. The protection level as high as IP68/IP69K degree. This means that the piezoelectric switch can be used underwater for a long time; and can be used in environments with high protection requirements, such as swimming pools, cruise ships, medical care, food industry, etc.
2. The Life expectancy is up to 50 million cycles, which can be used on equipment with frequent starts, such as automatic car wash equipment, etc.
3. Simple operation, the wire leads is easy to install, no need to push, and the quality is very stable.

4.The appearance can be customized according to your requirements. The texture of stainless steel; the ultra-thin actuator beyond the panel; and exquisite processing technology; all matching the high-quality demand from customers around the world.Due to these advantages, in the future with higher and higher standards of industrialization, piezoelectric switches will be suitable for more and more industries and equipment; it will also be your best choice.